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Feeling less confident swings with most women in the world who feel less than perfect face . To cover up the imperfections , wear make – up became one of the solutions . Concerned him , according a recent survey , the make- up worn by a fourth woman married until they sleep .

In a survey made ??by bedding Ergoflex UK brand was known , self- distrust plague women who have a partner or spouse . So do not believe him , ” 26 % of them claimed to still wear make – up while sleeping at night ” . This behavior not only do women who have a partner only. There is a 6 % single women who did not remove their make- up while sleeping .

The respondents who sleep with make -up , 52 % of them are already involved in a relationship or marriage less than a year . Only 12% of the marriage has been outstanding for more than 10 years .

Wear make – up behavior during sleep is called by the respondent as a “little white lies ” . There are 95 % of respondents who claimed not to tell your partner if they still wear makeup while asleep at night . Of the 95 % who lie , 45 % of whom said to the couple that they had to remove the make – up used everyday .

What are the make- up that is maintained by 26% of her time sleeping ? The list is pretty much starting from ” mascara , concealer , foundation , lipstick or lip gloss to false eyelashes ” . All make- up is still not used accidentally . This makeup is maintained because you want to look fresh in the morning when she opened her eyes seen couples .

Do not these women face their fear become damaged due to sleep while wearing make- up ? 49 % of respondents answered do not care about the side effects on their skin . Although it does not matter , the fact that behavior affects their skin . ” 33% of respondents said their skin condition become worse due to still wear make- up ” .

Bed in a state of permanent make- up certainly is not good for the skin . Whatever the reason , you should sleep in a state already clean of any makeup on the face so that your skin remains healthy and natural .

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