3 Steps on How to Politely Cancel Wedding Guest Invitation

Cancelling wedding guest invitation is definitely a dilemmatic condition especially if you have claimed that you would be there and you are so excited about it. However, surely, humans can only plan but life has its own way to surprise us. It’s possible that during the day of the wedding happens, you have something that makes it impossible for you to go to the wedding. What kind of etiquette you should show so you will not offend the brides to be? Is there any right way in doing wedding guest cancellation so you can do it politely and without making the brides (too) disappointed?

The very first thing to do is certainly to be honest to the brides. You must understand that there’s no use of making up some excuses. It’s totally better to tell them what really happens to you. Mention to them your reasons too and try to make them understand. Just believe that honesty is always a good start no matter how bitter it is. Second, tell the brides about your cancellation as early as possible. Remember how they might have planned everything and it always costs some money. Just imagine how the brides have prepared plate services for you because you have enlisted to be the guest but then you make the cancellation not early enough. Those plate services will go to waste, right? That’s why you should do it without any further procrastination.

And lastly, don’t forget to tell them how sorry and regretful you are. Make sure you say it in a meaningful way. Direct meeting with the brides is highly recommended or make some phone calls if you can meet them directly. Sending email or text is not suggested. Once again, remember how the brides took some efforts in sending you the invitation. At least, when you are about the cancel it, you own the same courtesy by doing it the right and most polite way.

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