5 Honeymoon Hotels World’s Most Popular

Marriott Wailea Resort, USA

Marriott Wailea Resort, USA

The honeymoon is a special moment for the newlyweds. Romantic atmosphere is the most sought while on their honeymoon. When the honeymoon all prepared carefully and special. Not just a destination, providing romantic atmosphere also need on their honeymoon. This honeymoon hotels world-famous:

1. Marriott Wailea Resort, USA

Marriott Wailea Resort, located on Maui, Hawaii, USA. The hotel is located between two beaches, this hotel stood on the land area of ??22 acres and 546 rooms. Moreover, as far as the eye could see we could see the vast seascapes. The atmosphere in the hotel is quieter than any other hotel in Maui. Marriott Wailea was undergoing renovations in 2008, making the rooms are only intended for adults, infinity pool, spa, and the best restaurants and the famous in Maui. Marriott Wailea Resort also be a romantic honeymoon hotel with full facilities and reasonable prices.

2. Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Caribbean Islands

Nevis is a small island in the Saint Kitts and Nevis. The island is only separated by oceans within 3.2 km. The island has clean waters, friendly locals, and a lush rainforest. The island is very appropriate for a honeymoon because of its remote location. Four Seasons Resort Nevis had a room with a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Almost all the rooms in this hotel has beautiful scenery, from the mountains to the sea. Each honeymooners, enjoy nature from a private balcony.

3. Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, Ireland

40 rooms at Ballynahinch Castle Hotel is an alternative to Ashford Castle. Hotel is located in the wild deserted in Connemara. The decor is displayed is very comfortable and luxurious. The building exceeds that of a manor house. The main building as the building in the 18th century. With an area of ??450 acres, the hotel offers a variety of fun activities for couples to stay. Activities such as, hiking, shooting, and fishing. In addition, there is also a restaurant that serves a varied menu of fish and mushrooms from the surrounding area.

4. Salish Lodge & Spa, USA

Salish Lodge & Spa in Washington, overlooking the waterfall at Snoqualmie. Travelers who want to honeymoon only takes about 40 minutes from Seattle toward the Salish Lodge & Spa. Initially in 1916 the hotel has only 8 rooms. But now, Salish Lodge & Spa became a popular romantic hotel as a honeymoon spot and held a wedding ceremony. Besides the beautiful scenery, the hotel also has a luxury spa facility with a variety of treatments. Room atmosphere even more sexy with a fireplace to warm the body and a bathroom with bath tub for two persons. Perfect!. All the furniture in rustic style. For example, there is a fireplace of stone, piles of wood, cloth of fine wool, and beautify the landscape soil outdoors.

5. Strawberry Hill, Jamaica

Strawberry Hill in Jamaica offers hidden and secluded place for a quiet honeymoon. This hotel is a former coffee plantation located between steep hills and winding Mount Blue. It’s a little oasis in the City of Kingston. The hotel owner, Chris Blackwell, is a musician who had worked with Bono, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley became a magnet for celebrities. Although small, Strawberry Hill offers a lot of of privacy. The hotel has 12 cottages spread over an area of ??26 acres. Features that complement this hotel is the spa, restaurants and bars. There is also a pond on the hill, lush gardens, and a relaxation room. Strawberry Hill will offer views of the forest, the city, and the sea can be seen from a height.

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