5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Locations From Various Countries in the World

Are you the newlyweds who are planning the Honeymoon but are confused about the destination? Here I present information about some favorite destinations for honeymoon:

1.Amankila, BALI

The appeal of Bali is never ending.However,apart from the crowd, Bali also still offers some of the island for honeymooncouples.Located in the eastern part of Bali Island,Amankila becomes one of the perfect destinations for you and your partner to spend a romantic moment.Its precise location on the hill also allows you to enjoy the sun behind the strait of Lombok soothing.

2.Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, INDIA

Located in the city of Agra,India, this resort is a perfect choice for you and couples who love exotic experiences. Its location is also adjacent to the TajMahal,will make the atmosphere full of love, more complete.You and your spouse will be spoiled with beautiful building details,while enjoying the symbol of SyahJehan’s love of the empress.

3.Blue Angel Villa, SANTORINI

For most people,Santorini is indeed a dream destination,either for regular travelers,or for honeymoon couples. Didaulat as the most romantic island in Greece,it offers the beauty of nature and stunning scenery,which would be more beautiful,when enjoyed together with a partner.And, Blue AngelVilla becomes one of the top recommendations,when you choose Santorini as a honeymoonDestination.The typical structure of the CycladicIsland,and equipped with a private jacuzzi set, you and your spouse also directly offered an enchanting sea view.

4.La Villa, St.BARTS

Dubbed the heart of the Caribbean beauty, St.Barts offers more than the beauty of sand and sea. A sweet little town. You and your partner can enjoy the best croissants and wine, to blend in with the world’s celebrities in EdenRock.It becomes a perfect tourist destination for you and your partner who wants to look for luxury and likes to sail.

5.Bodrum, TURKEY

One more destination for you who like to tour sailing ship. Bodrum, a small town located in the southwest of Turkey is indeed a Turkish charm.If you have ever dreamed of sailing with a yacht with a partner,then Bodrum should go into your honeymoon list.NotOnly can you relax and pamper yourself, you can also tour the historic sites,such as the location of the ruins of Ephesus, to the underwater ArcheologicalMuseum,right in the center of the city.

Hopefully this information can give you an idea in determining your Honeymoon destination. Have fun.

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