5 Wedding Hairstyles for Men


Weddings are usually a big deal for many. It is probably the most important day in one’s life. Everyone wants to make sure their wedding day goes perfect. One way of ensuring this is by looking your best on this day. This day is usually recorded for memories. You will have photos taken and there will be a video recording for the event. Now you don’t want to be looking at your wedding photos or your wedding video with a frown because you did not look good in them.

Weddings are said to be a girl’s affair but the men need to also look good. Looking good will start with the hairstyle you have on. There are various men’s hairstyles for weddings that will make you look good on your big day.

Whether you have long hair or short hair you can style your hair to look amazing.  You can decide to wear your hair straight, curl it or flip it to whatever style fits your best. No matter how much you like a certain hairstyle; you should consider the shape of your face, your skin color and the thickness of your hair. You don’t want to get this wrong and look funny instead. Here are 5 men’s wedding hairstyles you may want to try out

  1. Going bald

Going bald may not be the first option for many but can be a good look for your big day. If your hair has started balding you will not want to go to your wedding like this. Shaving off all your hair is a good option for this situation. If you also have unruly hair that doesn’t look so good, going bald will be the best way to go for your wedding hairstyle. You don’t need to shy away from this look you can definitely rock it especially if you have a good head shape.

     2. Short haircut to look elegant

A short haircut is preferred by many for their big day especially if the wedding is very formal. Get a neat hair cut and you can also use a bit of hair product to make it look good.

     3. Afro

Wearing an afro on your wedding day can be interesting. A neat, well shaped afro can look especially if you have the type of hair that goes well with it.

     4. Ponytail

If you have long hair you can wear a ponytail for your wedding. If you would like to put on this hair style but do not have long hair, you can start growing it before the big day comes. Tie the ponytail tightly at the back of your neck. You can also decide to tie half your hair into a ponytail while you leave half your hair loose. This can give you a stunning look that will make heads turn.

      5. Letting it all loose

If you have long hair, you can decide to let it hang loose. If your hair is very long and you want to wear this style for your big day then you can shorten it a little and style it. This is an amazing style to wear especially if you have a long face.


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