A beginners guide to creating your own hog roast and impressing your guests

If you have a limited experience in cooking and are able to handle meat without to many problems then you might find creating a hog roast for your special event might be do able. We provide you with a few beginners tips on hog roasting, the initial items you need and the things you need to understand before having a go at your first one.

Finding your whole hog

Many people depend on local butchers to source the meat, you can often find discounted price whole hogs that have additional parts you wouldn’t really want to touch. If you order a dressed pig then your heading in the right direction, these come ready with everything you need which means they no longer have organs, hair and eyelids – because you wouldn’t want it if it didn’t!

You should enquire also to whether the hog is defrosted or not, failure to have it readily defrosted means that you need to do this yourself, it isn’t impossible but can be a very time consuming issue if not correctly planned. A large cooler or bathtub would be a good start if you do need to defrost the pig.

So that’s pretty much it for the preparation, you will want to source all the ingredient you wish to use first, these can include apple sauce, seasoning and depending on how you want to cook it, BBQ sauce.

Getting the right equipment to do cook it properly

The one thing that is obvious with a hog roast is that it won’t fit in a normal oven and if you didn’t think about this until now then you should probably not consider doing this yourself! – You will need to get a special oven to cook a hog roast, this is a rectangular oven which is lined with aluminium and is specially used to cook the hog roast to perfection. These ovens are expensive to buy so if it is just the one off hog roast you are probably best to hire one from a local hog roast caterer.

The purpose of the hog roasting oven is to ensure that it is cooked to perfection, this oven will allow the juices to spread through the meat and create a great fusion of flavour, reading this now I’m sure that your taste buds are probably tingling!

How to cook the hog roast

Before cooking ensure you season the hog and then lay it on its back and rub with cooking oil and peper. Heat onto about 225-250 Fahrenheit and then leave to cook, depending on the size this will take 4-6 hours to cook. If you want to get it nice and crispy then flip it over for an hour before it’s done. Serve with your favourite sides to really impress your guests and feel a great sense of achievement.

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