A Quick Guide To Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding can be both stressful and exciting, with so much to think about and organise, it can seem tough at the best of times. However, opting for an outdoor wedding leaves you a number of other things to think about, that you may not have to deal with if you were going for a traditional indoor wedding.

Are your guests going to be warm? What if it rains? Where will everyone go to the loo?! We’ve put together this quick guide on how to plan your outdoor wedding, so you don’t forget the basics!


A fully outdoor wedding is a brave choice, in particular as we live in England and we can’t always bet on a sunny, clear day, however, a marquee is an extra special way of holding an outdoor wedding that is safe from rain or wind. A marquee allows you to decorate exactly to your taste and done correctly it can have a great effect! If you’re opting for a marquee, it’s important to remember things like power and electric, that way you can keep celebrating into the night. If you think there may be rain, don’t forget about the ladies in heels, putting down carpets outside to the toilets and hard flooring inside is key to make sure everyone has a comfortable and safe time.


One major disadvantage of an outdoor wedding is the lack of toilet, there is the option of portaloos however unless you want your wedding to look like a festival, they can take away from the beauty of a wedding aesthetic. The simple answer to this is luxury washrooms, toilets like these are worth the extra cost, as they provide a clean, maintained place to go to the loo! They also don’t look ugly or outplace, like a portaloo may look!

Keeping Warm

So you’ve sorted the toilets, but how are you going to keep your guests warm? Britain isn’t exactly renowned for its spectacular weather, therefore keeping in mind the weather conditions for your big day is a must if you’re planning an outdoor event. A must, especially if you’re planning a Spring wedding, is heaters. There are lots of great options for heaters now that are specifically designed for outdoor events. An additional, nice touch, is leaving out blankets for guests, that way if they need to go outside or just feel a bit chilly they can get warm with a nice blanket! To keep the night feeling warm it’s also a great idea to incorporate warm lighting into your event, tealights and candles are a great way to do this, just make sure you beware of potential fire hazards!


As the sun goes down and the party begins, it’s crucial to keep your wedding well lit. Using traditional lighting like lanterns and fairy lights, are a great way of lighting up the place in an attractive way. Fairy lights on the roof of a marquee really add a magical touch and are super effective at night. There are also quirky ways of bringing light into your wedding evening, with light up letters, these bespoke letters can spell out whatever wish and they also act as a great photo opportunity for all of your guests! And if you want something to really get the party started, an LED dance floor is not only a great source of light but also a great excuse to get everyone dancing!

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