About This Before Buying a Wedding Gown

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All matters relating to marriage, surely it is very important for the bride and groom. Building, catering, invitations, date, until the wedding dress. Choosing and buying a wedding dress is certainly not trivial. Given the dress will be used in one of the most important moments in your life, and can not be repeated.

Before buying a wedding dress, you should pay attention to these things Ladies, as follows :

  • Bring Your Phone
    Your mobile phone is useful for taking pictures when you are trying to dress you choose, from all sides. Enlist the help of someone to take a picture when you walk, from the front and rear, when you sit down, and then from left and right side. The photo can be a reference for you to judge you more beautiful dress which.
  • Classic style
    You do not need to follow the development mode to choose a wedding dress. Choose a dress with classic style, the timeless. Why? As you will see your wedding photos up to 40 years later or more. You certainly want to still look beautiful and not outdated is not it?

  • Open-minded
    Do not just focus on the model of your dream dress. Dare to try another model, who knows more suitable for you. Hear also the opinion of people who with you at that time.
  • Wear Veil
    Do not forget to try to wear a veil. You often see in the movies, the bride often wears the veil and look more elegant is not it? It never hurts to try it too.
  • Shoes!
    Buy two pairs of shoes. One for the wedding ceremony, one of the event afterwards, this is different for each person. Such as eating with the family, dancing, taking pictures, or others. Choose shoes that are more comfortable, but still beautiful.
  • Have fun with your dress
    Enjoy your wedding party. Do what you want to do in a dress it. For example photographed as much as possible, a husband and father dancing with you, or anything else that you want. Remember that you’ll only wear it one time.

It is also important that you have to remember is, you will be the center of everyone’s attention. Choose a comfortable dress, which makes you confident when wearing it, and that makes you feel more beautiful, very beautiful.

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