Arrange the details of the wedding costs


The wedding party is certainly one of the most awaited moments in your life. But you also have to be careful, it could be because you are too eager to make a memorable party, budget you make it swell.

The following are tips to keep your wedding into an unforgettable moment without having to be burdened by financial problems.

1. Location

It has become a common thing if you want to throw a party in a luxury building. But, do not rule out the possibility that a party in the house can still be a memorable moment. In addition to more intimate, you can also press the budget because it does not have to rent a place. If you have a large yard, you can take advantage of the romantic theme Garden Wedding. You simply hire the services of a professional decorator who can highlight the beautiful sacred atmosphere of your home that is beautiful that can be used to hold a wedding.

2. Decoration

Generally decoration on wedding will be dominated by floral arrangements formed in such a way. To reduce costs, make sure you are not too much use of imported flowers. In contrast, use of local interest that can be obtained easily in traditional markets are certainly not less beautiful, such as tuberose and ylang-ylang flowers. In addition, try to ask the committee to take a minimalist theme decor is simple but still has a romantic impression that her look beautiful decoration.

3. Invitation

Make a list of people you want to invite from closest to farthest. Then from a list of people who furthest it, you can sort them again adjusted by the number of invitations that you have previously targeted. You also can choose the form of a multifunctional invitation, which also can be used as souvenirs, such as a calendar or fan. This step will save energy and your mind.

4. Consumption

You do not need to order too much food and put it all on the main table. In addition to the main menu, order some food was varied and place it on tables scattered in various corners of the venue. In addition to reducing unwanted long lines, invited guests will not feel deprived of food to a variety of foods. If you use the services of catering, choose a package system. Feel free also to ask for a discount because often times even though the price has been written in the book menu, you can still negotiate with the caterer.

5. Documentation

You certainly want to have memories in the form of photos at once video. Capture one of the most beautiful moments in your life by hiring a photographer and videographer. To be more efficient, choose the package documentation as well as providing photo and video shooting. In addition to the costs incurred so not too expensive, you also do not have to bother to look for it one by one.

That tips or how to set up the details of the wedding costs. With you’ve set up the details so you can determine how much money you spend. Be careful not to be wasteful.

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