Beautiful Muslim Wedding Gown

Muslim wedding dress

Muslim wedding dress

Similarly, choose a modern wedding dress, choose Muslim dress for the bride also has its own complexities. In fact, arguably more complex because there are several things that need to be attentive in order not to violate Islamic rules.

As for the formation of Muslim dress for the bride, there are currently a few basic options, namely a kebaya, abaya, kaftan and formations. Adjust the basic formations with age, shape, and height. For example, for those who are young, who choose kebaya no longer than hip with embroidery accents that simple. The term, luxurious but still elegant.

The selection of the material can be coated brocade lace or chiffon. However, for those who want to look glamorous, can also use the kebaya during knee or ankle achieve appropriate dress, for those who have tall body proportions. For the collar, can use arm-cut collar cheongsam and bells to make it look feminine.

Regarding the selection of color, Muslim dress for a wedding dress that you should choose a neutral color, such as gold, broken white or other colors that you think appropriate and match with your skin tone. Gentle kebaya colors suitable to be worn during the day. By contrast color who tend to be lighter or darker suitable to be worn in the show at night.

As an accent sweetener, put some sequins on the entire kebaya which spread evenly. Lace layered materials with the tissue so that your body will tend to lean can seem unbiased. To be more interesting, the setting combine with striking patterned mittens and scarves to disguise the body.

Those who want to get married with the use or modification abaya kaftan, you should choose the material that luxury. Even with embroidery detail. Try using that robe with lavish embroidery motifs. Alternatively, use french lace as decoration in order to look more feminine look. Choose a dress that formed wide so princess-style look and elegant volume.

For color, other than white shades, you can also choose pastel colors or solid colors like blue tosca, purple, fuchsia, maroon, and soft yellow.

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