Treat Your Wedding Ring

January 6, 2017

The events are very happy when you put a wedding ring on the finger of your partner. Not only worn a wedding ring when wedding ceremony, but you can wear every day. Wedding rings is one of the jewels that are used as a symbol of a binder in a marriage. It is important to […]

Important objects What Turns You Need On Wedding Day

December 1, 2015

Although it has been checked many times completeness wedding preparations, sometimes still miss something in the H. Moreover, the issue of preparing for a wedding affair was the first experience for the bride, no wonder there are some things that had never previously thought was needed. Try rechecked, so as not to be left behind. […]

Tips on Selecting a Marriage Ring Dream

November 23, 2015

Circular wedding ring is the symbol of your commitment that will never end up as a couple. Of course this jewelry is very important in your wedding, remember the wedding ring is always worn forever. Perform Considerations When selecting a ring, it is better if you do not hurry. Collect as many options to get […]

How to Choose Hair Styles For Wedding

November 1, 2015

Customize the style of hair on the wedding day with various elements in your party. Compliance with the wedding dress of course, so the main thing to consider, if you will wear a dress or traditional kebaya dress. Consult with your choice of wedding makeup artist during a test makeup. For the use of dress, […]

Should objects Saved As Memories Wedding

October 26, 2015

Wedding memories will last forever in your memory, but it does not hurt if you also store historical objects in your marriage that is able to restore the beautiful memories in the days to come, such as the following objects. Wedding invitation Even if you have included a photo of the invitation in a series […]

Spice Up Your Wedding with Finest Wedding Sparklers

September 14, 2015

There are so many things we can do to make our wedding unforgettable; one of them is by having some of those wedding sparklers. Just as the name is, wedding sparkler is a kind of stuff designed to add sparkles to our wedding and to make it an unforgettable retreat for everyone. Wedding sparklers can […]

Wedding souvenir Functional And Beautiful

August 11, 2015

You certainly want to reward guests who attended the wedding gift. Besides being able to remind about the memories of the wedding, the gift can also give an added value to the recipient. Functional select that gift you give will not end up in the trash. Blank Card When will give gift cards that can […]

Tips for Choosing Shoes For bride

July 29, 2015

Beautiful shoes will bring the wearer to beautiful places, especially for the wedding stage. Therefore, like Cinderella is not excessive if the shoes come complete story when you and your partner a romantic wedding reception. Most do not keep you up and can walk gracefully throughout the event. Here’s how to choose the right shoes […]

Hunting for perfect styles of party wear dresses by women

June 29, 2015

Women love to wear sweet sixteen dresses which make them to look cute, young, stylish and more fashionable. Short dresses make you to look more youthful and it’s been favorite for all women. Short dresses not only used for dance floor but also you can wear for a many party functions. A sweet sixteen line […]

Tips In Choosing Wedding Shoes

May 10, 2015

Shoes sometimes only be considered as complementary minor in marriage. Yet equally important function of shoes because it will accompany you stand all day. If you are quite used to wearing high heels with 9 cm at work or sightseeing, it’s not a guarantee you can wear the shoes to the same height in her […]