Tips Wedding in Rainy Season

November 25, 2015

The rainy season has arrived. If you are planning a wedding anywhere near this, think about all the ways to make up with the rain during the wedding ceremony took place. Although not expected to come, the rain may be inevitable. Prepare a contingency plan so that the wedding party is still running smoothly. Documentation […]

Simple Tips for a Happy Marriage

November 22, 2015

Marriage is not the ultimate goal of a relationship. Precisely door wedding is the beginning of everything. Still a long journey. There will be many challenges and new things that must be faced together. For you are newly married and so newlyweds, very important to start building a new habit with your partner. The goal […]

How to Take Care of Wedding Ring

November 6, 2015

One of the memories of the wedding party can wear forever you and your partner is a wedding ring. In order to remain timeless sparkle, consider some surefire tips following: Loose Some people really like to use the ring pernikahankapanpun and wherever he is, even when taking a bath. Unfortunately, the habit was reluctant to […]

Key to a lasting marriage and Happy Based on Scientific Research

November 6, 2015

Physical appearance is not pretty and handsome that will make you have a long-lasting marriage lasting until the grandparents, nor wealth. When talking about the marriage of timeless, there are so many things you can learn in order to have a marriage that did not end in divorce. According to a researcher at the Center […]

Activities to Do Together Mother Toward Marriage

November 6, 2015

While preparing for the wedding, you certainly will be busy with a long list of things to do before the big day arrives. Make sure you do not forget one important thing for your marriage, which is spending time with his beloved mother. Your marriage is a great thing as well for your family, and […]

Things to Do Before Test Makeup

November 3, 2015

Makeup tests done to get an idea as to what you see later on when it becomes a bride. Although a lot of time to fix makeup that it is less appropriate, it does not mean nothing should be prepared before the makeup test. Do these things in order to test the makeup is not […]

Tips for Choosing a Vendor Photobooth For Wedding

October 28, 2015

An old song from Bread titled If say, “If the picture paints a thousand words”. A photograph can tell stories that happen when the moment immortalized. So no wonder, now a wedding gift trends began to shift, from the form of the object to the instant photo own company or photobooth. Photobooth mushrooming trend of […]

Tips Determining Vendors Wedding Caterers

October 27, 2015

Food became one vital thing in the wedding party. Wedding caterers are items that spend huge funds, after leasing the building. Naturally, because most people still consider the success of a feast of tasty food whether or not provided. Seeing the big budget, it feels sad when during the day the food provided does not […]

Tips Honeymoon With Festive Offers Budget

October 12, 2015

Has become the dream of every newlyweds to honeymoon and enjoy the beautiful times of both the beloved. Unfortunately, not all couples have a sufficient budget to honeymoon in a luxury place. Well, just. You can still live a honeymoon budget. You can use the services of a travel agent to plan a honeymoon. Travel […]

Healthy Snacks For the bride

September 29, 2015

Every bride would want to look excellent at the wedding. For brides who are on a diet and follow beauty treatments, it does not mean you can not eat a snack. You just need to pay attention to a snack that goes into your body. Consumption of healthy snacks to keep fit before the wedding […]