Avoid Headache in Planning Your Wedding

December 3, 2016

Before you can really expect that your wedding can be so successful and impressive, it is really necessary for you to make it certain that you can plan the wedding properly. Sure, it is the time for you to trouble yourself. Planning your wedding is not an easy thing to do. Do you know why? […]

We Had a Great Party Last Month

August 18, 2015

I have two twin sons who are the light of my life. Because I am not married, I make sure to save money so that I can do some special things here and there for both of the boys when the situation calls for it. Last month, they both turned six years old. While I […]

Decorating Idea For Wedding Car

June 3, 2015

Ideas for decorating the bridal car to be one thing that what to┬árealized. The reason, this habit is started is rarely done. Especially if you intend to decorate with unique themes and interesting. Ranging from rustic vintage feel to the style. Now, it does not hurt to bring a unique detail as complementary elements in […]

Sport Can Do Together Couple

May 31, 2015

By the day of the wedding, the couple certainly your busy life and to take care of all the preparations consumed. If you have found the best wedding vendors to realize a dream wedding party, now is the time you both to relax. Divert your focus to improve the condition of the body. In order […]

Sweet dishes Suitable For Wedding

May 28, 2015

One element that is important when planning a wedding, is catering a party. In addition to the main menu, now present the latest trends which present a dessert menu with a more distinctive design. Sweet corner or dessert table can be a sweetener that your wedding seem more special. In addition to being an attraction […]

Natural Scrub To Smooth Skin in Wedding Day

May 23, 2015

By the day of your wedding, everything must seem perfect. So it is with your appearance later. Make sure you’ve found the wedding organizer, makeup artist and, wedding dress according to your wishes. Also, do not forget also to skin care. If you do not have time to get professional care, you also can do […]

How to Choose Wedding Caterers

May 23, 2015

When you decide to plan a wedding, a crucial first thing you should look at is selecting the right catering vendor. In addition to a matter of taste, you also have to make sure to get the best service on your wedding day. Consider the following tips that can make it easier: Survey The first […]

Tricks Make Up Face To Bride

April 25, 2015

In applying makeup sometimes there are obstacles to get a perfect result. Ranging from improving the appearance of the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose, or mouth takes some tricks so the results as desired. Another obstacle is how to makeup does not quickly fade. Apparently, there is a practical tricks to get the perfect makeup. Face […]

Important Things Wedding Reception

April 23, 2015

Each pair has a dream to have a wedding that is unique, memorable and perfect, where beautiful moments are stored and later will become a drama of love for your children and be a life story of the happiest in your life. After the wedding date set, start the day – a day where you […]

Arguments Dampen Wedding Day Ahead

July 11, 2014

Bride and groom before the wedding day to mess around with preparation agenda and details of the wedding party, it makes sense of the bride and groom to be sensitive and easy-going argument with a partner. Your future husband and even forget to say hello to each other. The days ahead of the wedding was […]