Tips Honeymoon With Festive Offers Budget

October 12, 2015

Has become the dream of every newlyweds to honeymoon and enjoy the beautiful times of both the beloved. Unfortunately, not all couples have a sufficient budget to honeymoon in a luxury place. Well, just. You can still live a honeymoon budget. You can use the services of a travel agent to plan a honeymoon. Travel […]

Determining Wedding Venue

September 18, 2015

Place your perform weddings, will determine a lot of things ranging from used clothing, wedding decorations are laid out, until the food served. Just think broadly as to what your wedding party will be able to choose a suitable place. Worship place In addition to being the traditional way, hold the wedding in a place […]

Wedding concept Based Zodiac

August 17, 2015

The wedding party is important for nearly everyone. It is not just about celebrating the changing status of the bride but also as party unity in which there is family, friends and relatives of the client even work. It is therefore no surprise that almost everyone would want to have a wedding as expected. In […]

How to Banish Stress Wedding Day Ahead

August 14, 2015

Sense of stress and fear often come to the woman before the wedding day. So that a sense of unsustainable stress and interfere with the wedding plans, nerves stretch your muscles with a variety of activities that can cool the body and mind. Spa Not only beautify the body, perform before the wedding spa will […]

Color Lipstick For Wedding Reception

August 5, 2015

Together with the choice of wedding dress and hair style that makes you like the queen of the day, choice of color lipstick should not be spared from a list of your wedding preparations. Discuss with wedding make-up artist of your choice while make-up test. Nude Is a nude color lipstick choice that suits any […]

Tips for Choosing Shoes For bride

July 29, 2015

Beautiful shoes will bring the wearer to beautiful places, especially for the wedding stage. Therefore, like Cinderella is not excessive if the shoes come complete story when you and your partner a romantic wedding reception. Most do not keep you up and can walk gracefully throughout the event. Here’s how to choose the right shoes […]

Do not Forget Foot Care For the bride

July 23, 2015

For the bride and groom, sometimes the feet are considered not to be too payed forget to be treated. Do not forget the special beauty treatment feet. Have beautiful feet and manicured very important for the bride and groom who will be standing all day in the aisle. Love your feet like a face Such […]

Rework Budget Wedding Decoration Tips

July 7, 2015

For those of you who are planning a wedding, wedding decorations determine is one important element. After finding a suitable wedding party, now is the time to determine the proper decoration. In fact, for a beautiful venue it still requires a little touch of magic in order to make it look more special. There are […]

Why Should Wear wedding ring After Married?

July 6, 2015

Wedding ring was evidence someone had been married. But it turned out, the meaning of a wedding ring is not only a marker so someone already married. There are several meanings of a wedding ring, so that jewelry has become a symbol of the union of two hearts and two souls become one. This is […]

Pre-Wedding Photo Themes That Can Be Your Inspiration

July 6, 2015

Choosing a theme pre wedding photos is not always easy. When talking about the pre wedding photos, of course you would imagine with a diverse scene. Here are some options Pre Wedding themes that can inspire you : Traditional Photos traditional pre-wedding style now popular again. Moreover, talking about Indonesia, which has many different cultures […]