Choose the bride dresses for your special day

Pilih gaun Pengantin untuk Hari Spesialmu

Marriage is a moment of the most eagerly awaited by most women. All mixed feelings when the days preparing for a dream wedding that has coveted since the first, not least when choosing a wedding dress.

Many women experience stress endless dilemma when choosing a wedding dress she was going to wear once in a lifetime. Selection of fabrics, models up to the style that best matches the shape of the body is often taken into consideration confusing and ultimately, make a woman stress.

To avoid the stress. The first tip is, do not choose a wedding dress just because the dress to look trendy. A wedding dress should be able to represent yourself. If you are a typical traditional, presenting a traditional feel in your wedding dress is not a bad idea. Indeed, the presence of elements that represent you, you will look more radiant in a dress of the bride.

Next, we summarize tips on choosing a wedding dress in the points below, yuk listened pretty, Ladies:

  • Customize Dress by Location
    Dress with sexy pieces that would not be suitable when used for a wedding that took place in the church. Likewise glamorous wedding gowns and fluffy be difficult to apply if you do a wedding with a theme garden party. Think of the setting and the concept of your wedding before choosing a wedding dress.
  • Customize dress with the theme / concept Marriage
    Adjust the dress you wear on a concept or theme definitely chosen. If the theme of your party glamor, adjust also the dress chosen in order to represent the theme. But, if you choose a theme party that promote a sense of togetherness and kinship, simple yet elegant gown could be an option.
  • Consider Weather
    If the wedding was held outdoor in the summer, of course, the dress with lightweight materials and a simple model would be more suitable for you to wear. While the weather is rainy season like now, you can choose shiny material, such as satin or taffeta.
  • Customize with Bride Clothing Men
    You married to your spouse. You have the same happy portion. So, when choosing a wedding dress, do not forget to customize it with the clothes that will be worn by your future husband. Do not let you choose a wedding dress that did not look match with the attire of the groom.

That’s a few tips that you can make a material consideration for choosing a wedding dress in your happy day. Hopefully useful yes!

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