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Choosing a wedding ring is beautifully designed, modern, comfortable to wear, and always ‘in’ for all ages turned out to need tips and art itself.
Agenda for a wedding band, it would be very important and challenging for every bride. Role of wedding rings as a symbol of the bond of love is very significant in any marriage ceremony.

No wonder that couples are willing bride and groom fro, in and out of various jewelry stores before finally finding the option that suits your tastes, trends and of course … the contents of the bag.

Ring has begun to be used as a symbol of eternal bond of love since the reign of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Forms a perfect circle without having the tip and the base is identified as the eternal flow of love without stopping. This habit was ‘fade’ in the Roman era. But back in the 18th century made popular. In this era of the ring has not been worn in the ring finger as it is now, it is worn on the middle finger of the left hand. What is the reason? The Romans apparently believe there are blood vessels that flow through the left middle finger directly to the heart!

Accompany the rapid development of the fashion world, the wedding ring had various outstanding innovations. The form which was originally just a simple round circle, from time to time adorned with various ornaments such as carvings, motifs or gemstones. Basic ingredients are now more varied. If the first is made of ordinary steel materials, are now available in many variations, such as yellow gold, white gold (platinum) and titanium.
Specifically for the type of ring that adorned jewels, until now diamond symbolizes purity and eternal love is still the favorite.
Two other options gemstone is ruby ??red which symbolizes the heart, and the blue sapphire symbolizes loyalty.

Simple, patterned or have a gem?
Although has undergone many developments, wedding band basically consists of 3 main models, namely the circular ring plain without ornament, decoration ring with one or a few gems, and the ring is decorated motifs such as tendrils or stripes.
Models plain circle or one-eyed, is still favored by many brides. General Manager of Citadel Jewellery, Sawito example, says many brides still prefer a simple model of wedding rings and modern. “Ring have a gem one, for example, suitable for someone who has a personality to the modern.”
It is also stated by Desi Kristiana E, Brands Manager Frank Duet – The House of Wedding Ring by Frank & Co Jewellery. “We have models that are popular among brides is a simple model, or adorned with a jewel.” Desi added recently also appeared with a decorative diamond wedding ring for the bride only. “Groom’s ring without a diamond stone is now in vogue and the trend in Europe, because the model is simple and can avoid the impression feminine groom” he said.

There is another model of a ring that her thicker frame with diamonds located on the edge of the ring. “This model is suitable for someone who has an unpredictable personality, unique and bold difference,” said Sawito. Your unique personality and style like with the motive, can choose a ring with carvings, motifs garir-line or tendrils. “Frank Duet has such a collection of rings with various ornamental motifs such as pits, lines, criss-cross or tendrils.” Said Desi.

Yellow or White?

Not only the variety of models, today’s wedding bands are available in various types of base material. Yellow gold wedding rings are very popular in the oma-opa-mama or papa we used to be, has now been displaced by white gold. Now you can also buy rings made of titanium metal. Trimmer gem even more varied. Starting from the beautiful Belgian diamonds but high value, up to swarovski crystals or cubic zircon is more economical.
Options pricing is also quite diverse, with favorite price range between 3-10 million. Frank Duet on you can choose a ring from the collection of white and yellow gold, with prices starting from US $ 300. While at Fort Jewellery, available ring of white and yellow gold, with prices starting from US $ 500-1000.
Tips on choosing a wedding ring

1. Often ‘browsing’ to the jewelry stores or see a reference in the magazine. You should start looking for about 2 months before the wedding day. So you still have enough time to look, think, think and look back targeted wedding ring ‘.

2. Set a budget. You can prepare a budget of about 3-10 million.

3. Think 20 years up. Don’t be afraid to be different, but make sure that the selected model is the model that still want to wear up to 20 years into the future.

4. Choose a simple and comfortable to wear. Advisable to choose a white ring and round shape diamonds. Because not angled so that the light is better.

5. Do a ‘final fitting’ ring size when you are calm and condition the body temperature normal. Do not do it in the morning. Will be slightly swollen fingers, because your body still contains salt stored from the night before. Finger size also little changed after you exercise or when the body in a state of hot and cold.

6. Your little fingers are advised not to wear a wedding ring is wide.

7. Choose a ring that is easy to clean, so you can take care of themselves. If you ring the model is quite complicated, make sure the jewelry store where you can buy jewelry cleaning services provide.

8. If you are wearing a platinum ring, avoid wearing it while doing menial labor or exercising, because platinum easily scratched. Also avoid wearing a ring when you are working with substances containing chlorine, such as bleach, disinfectant cleaners even contained in the pool.
9. Pick a jewelry store that provides the enlargement or shrinkage, washing and re-polishing.

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