Destructive Bad Habits Wedding Day

kebiasaan buruk menjelang pernikahan

As well as the saying goes, marriage is a lifetime. To that end, it is appropriate that your wedding day is done with maximum preparation. In addition to choosing the best wedding vendors, you also need to consider the condition of the body. One of the first steps that you can begin by changing a few bad habits below :

  • Trying origin Facial Care Products
    Actually okay to replace your maintenance products, if deemed less suitable product before. Consult a dermatologist reliable. Six months before the date of the wedding, it is suggested should not try facial care products. This is to avoid if only appear allergic skin reaction. Make sure you eat lots of vegetables and fruit for healthy skin condition and shiny.
  • Dislike Water
    In addition as a substitute body ion, drinking water is able to make your face look more radiant. Shortage of water will actually make your skin looks dehydrated and look dull. Water helps unleash your body’s detox system so that toxins can be gradually reduced.
  • Doing Facial
    Many of us who like to perform facial treatments, such as facials. You’ll want to do it ahead of time, at least three months before the wedding day. Ahead of the wedding date, avoid facial treatments. Because of the risk of injury and the effects of post-facial redness require considerable time to be back as usual.
  • Excessive salt consumption
    Consuming foods that contain too much salt can make you look sluggish. Salt contains a substance which is capable of absorbing fluids in the body more quickly, so that side effects can make you thirsty fast and easy to sweat.
  • lack of sleep
    Wedding preparations you get too excited sometimes make it difficult to sleep. But do not forget, that you also need time to rest. To that end, remember to engage in activities that could make you more relaxed. Try to take care package wedding, which will pamper your body such as manicure, pedicure, massage, scrubs, and bath.

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