Energy Boost Ahead of Marriage

Tingkatkan Energi Menjelang Pernikahan

Wedding preparations start to make you lose energy? Time to regain fitness to welcome wedding is getting closer. You will be standing all day in her elegant wedding dress, complete makeup and hair are complete. Do not get sick in the H.

  • Irregular breathing
    Yoga can encourage energy and vitality, the key is in the regulation of breathing. By learning to breathe correctly, you may increase energy more effectively. One week before the wedding, in the morning and at night try to breathe in a regular manner, draw a second breath, hold it for four seconds and then pull out slowly over 2 seconds. Not only energy, breathing well will pump mood.
  • Drink water
    8 to 10 glasses of mineral water a day is the amount required to be consumed every day for the sake of health. When the body is dehydrated, it is very reasonable if you have a headache. Also avoid sugar and alcohol consumption because it will make the body more thirst and dehydration. Blood sugar will rise, and ignited a sense of depression.

  • Perform Cardio
    When the blood, brain, and body infused amount sufficient oxygen, the amount of energy in the body will increase dramatically. Therefore, rather than maintain energy simply by relying on the nutrients in food, practicing cardio is the best way to be fit in the next day.
  • Break
    Although doing cardio are tight, you do not need to forget the rest. This is the most important part, slept for 8 hours a day will help the body to repair itself. Too much exercising can also cause fatigue and muscle becomes always tense.

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