Finding the Right Wedding Dress to Wear

It is very important for us to understand the type of wedding dress before we buy one, so we can choose the perfect type based on our body shape. Yes, when it comes about wedding dresses, it is important for us to choose one that match our body shape and size as it will give enhance our look.

And if you look for it, you’ll find thousands of different wedding dresses in the market, with design, color, size, and accessories that vary. But in overall, most of them are divided into six concept or categories. Know each of these wedding dresses types so you’ll know which one is suited for you to wear.

The first type is hourglass dress. The dress will have defined top, full middle and narrow waist. This is a perfect dress type for bride with archetypal shape. For bride with large bust, it can be a perfect shape to show the curve. The second dress is A-line dress, which is so classic. The A-line wedding dresses are having tapered top, sloped middle and flared skirt. It can be a perfect dress for women will large bottom figure.

Third is mermaid dress. Mermaid Wedding Dresses are having fitted top that gets wider on the knee. It is highly recommended for bride with small top figure. Fourth is sheaths dress. The dress is fitted dress with hem that is traditionally end right above the knee. The dress is suggested for brides with long legs. Fifth is suit. The dress is made for informal wedding and it can come in pants bottom as well.

Last, but not least are empire waist wedding dresses. It has tight bust line and the rest of the bodice has falls straight shape just like the Greek Goddess. The dress will make the body taller and slimmer. Now that we have understood which type to choose, we can go to to find our perfect wedding dress.

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