Forget Bridezilla Syndrome

Bridezilla Syndrome

Marriage is a moment that everybody wants, happy feeling will be felt every bridal couple and the family when the wedding took place, but the process of planning a wedding can cause stress, especially for the bride. Accordingly, it comes the term “bridezilla”, which is an amalgamation of the words “bride” and the monster “Godzilla”. Here are 7 ways that will help you free from stress and does not need to be a “bridezilla”:

1. Do not compare your wedding party with others
A bad idea to compare your wedding with wedding parties had ever attended. Because each party has a different character, like the individual who organizes the celebrations.
Comparing with a party of other people will only make you re-think existing idea and looking for other alternatives, which will only waste time and effort.

2. Be aware of everything can run not as expected
For example, it was raining when you want a sunny day, the closest relatives were suddenly unable to attend, or MC came late to the reception location.
Realizing early on that something might go wrong is planned that will allow you to be more calm.

3. Remember only you are aware of every detail
The stress began to emerge because there is something does not go as desired, eg the type of font used in the law is not as beautiful as imagined or shape of a flower arrangement of your choice a little different. Remember that not everyone in attendance will be aware of the little things. So no need to be upset or panicked.

4. Give yourself a time-out from all the bustle of wedding preparations
Take care of all the wedding needs is draining a lot of time and energy. Therefore, it is important to take a pause. For not giving yourself time to “breathe”, will only accelerate the coming of stress.
Said from the beginning in yourself that you will only give two days a week to attend a wedding. And take advantage of this time to maksmimal.

5. Avoid dieting brides
Fear of increased body weight before the wedding makes the bride decides to strict dieting. Actually it’s fine, but do not torture your body because it can actually cause unwanted diseases.
Why? Because planning a wedding is hard enough, do not add the burden of thinking with a diet program that does not need. You need the nutrients and proper nutrition to maintain health and beauty toward the happy day.

6. Remind yourself to always have fun
After it was all over, everyone will only remember whether your wedding party fun or not. No one will ever remember what your hairstyle, flowers are to be used for the decor, or the type of font used on the wedding invitation.
Therefore make enjoyable as possible. Enjoy every process with happiness. Create exciting moments with friends and guests to enjoy all the wedding preparations with a cheerful heart.

7. Be relaxed
Another meaning, be open to change. Be relaxed if it does not have the desired weekend plans, did not manage to get the favorite flower because it is not the season or the price is too expensive, or the bridesmaids who reject a model or color of the dress that has been chosen.
Rather than stress, better organize another weekend plans, find alternative interest similar to the ones you want, and tell bridesmaids dresses that they could use the desired long as it is in tune with the theme.

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