Hardest time of marriage: After Honeymoon and Post Produce

The married couple will surely experience a period suit . The researchers found some of the most difficult phases in marriage , one of which is after the honeymoon . Not infrequently , at the beginning of the marriage , the couple had a fight .

Researchers in Australia saw the crisis period there were six that may be experienced by married couples . By knowing the tough times that may be passed , you and your partner can avoid the destruction of marriage .

1 . After the honeymoon
Why post honeymoon become the toughest times ? It because this phase is when the couple began to return to the ‘ real world ‘ . Quoted Genius Beauty , they are usually surprised by the fact that their love story is not as perfect honeymoon . This is the perfect time for a period of adjustment .

2 . after Childbirth
The arrival of the baby could distort domestic circumstances . New role as parents often cause strife here and there .

3 . Financial problems
The older age of marriage , so the more you need . Sometimes not comply with the requirement that revenue be pointy enough problems . It’s good to talk about financial arrangements with a partner early on.

4 . infidelity
Often wedding unhealthy conditions provoke someone for cheating . Therefore , keep your romance and intimacy as well as couples . Do not let the love you feel being dead .

5 . Substitution work
Substitution of work will make a person ‘s physical and mental condition become unstable . Changes in habits , time and work pressures can also affect a person’s household . Do not let yourself be lulled by the bustle and partner work . Do not let your wedding become a victim .

6 . pension
Retirement can also influence the person’s mental . Feeling worthless and useless will affect the emotional side . If this happens to you and your partner , which must be done is to guide each other . Cultivate in yourself and your partner , that sense of love and mutual respect , will persist in the worst circumstances .

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