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pinky peach

pinky peach

Became queen on the wedding day of course you have to look all out yes. Not least the matter of choice of shoes. If the dress has been gorgeous, of course you should not match shoes worn?
Choosing wedding shoes that there are three important things you need to consider:

Whether the material is comfortable and does not cause foot blisters?
Is heels pretty tough and not make tired to be worn all day?
Whether the design is gorgeous and in accordance with the wedding dress?
Similarly, when looking for wedding shoes, you have to make those three things as your guide.

TIPS shop wedding shoes:

Better to choose lower heels or wedges, especially if you are going to stand long enough.
Better than shopping at a real shop online shop so you can try and feel the comfort

Avoid choosing shoes that are too small or too big
Adjust the color of the clothes you will wear
Well, here is the reference model of shoes wedding shoes are a favorite of many of the bride and make her smile throughout the wedding.
1. Pinky Peach
One model of shoe is accented with a flower and a relatively low heels. At least 7 cm height only, so make your feet feel comfortable.
Also covered part only at the end, because this is true peep toe shoes. You will feel more comfortable throughout the day because your feet breathe and not feel the heat.
For this type of shoe peep toe, better find the right size, so comfortable to wear when walking and had to kick the wedding dress.
2. Gorgeous Jade
Want your legs look slender, and sexy ladder, rope accent be the right choice for you.
This moccasin is suitable for you who have a mini foot size, making it more comfortable and feel more free. Because it is not covered, you could wear it with a ball gown and you still can move anywhere without feeling the heat.
In general, many brides choose this model, because it can be worn again after the wedding. Multifunctional too, right?
3. Asymmetric Nude
If you want the feel of a more stately, choose shoes with rocks knacks design. Like this one shoes, nude color combinations will be beautiful and match with the dress. While the rock accents make it more glamorous.
These types of shoes are usually worn for a suitable sized feet short, because it will give the impression of a sleek minimalist design.

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