Holds Wedding at Home To More Efficient

Gelar Pernikahan di Rumah Agar Lebih Hemat

Held a wedding party at home could be an alternative if you and your spouse have a wedding budget is not much or want to save even more. In addition to more efficient, the event which took place in the home are also more flexible because it is not limited by the lease, so that the show could run longer.

There are some things you and your partner should consider carefully when you want to throw a party at home so that the celebration of a happy moment you walk smoothly without any obstacles. Anything? Let’s see.

  • Land availability of parking. If you want to hold a wedding at home, make sure that there are enough parking spaces available in the area around the house.
  • Permission to Neighbors. Your house is crowded and the music blaring noise can also disturb the neighbors around, and therefore before the ‘protests’ it does not hurt to tell your neighbors about the wedding party would you title in your house.
  • Catering Menu. Typically, the culture of Indonesian people living in large cities are fond menyicipi food from different stall. Thus, a growing number of food stalls that were presented, the more likely they are to try each one. Make sure you and your family have calculated with a good number of catering and the number of invitations that will be present at the wedding.

  • Decor. Held a wedding party at home usually do not have a large place for wedding decorations. But, do not worry. Therefore, there is a way to circumvent it, namely by focusing the decorations on the corners of the house who wants decorated only. For example aisle, or a place for a group photo.
  • Others employ security guards. Depending on the neighborhood where you live, consider requesting the services of guards or other security personnel to provide security at a wedding. It can also be useful to ensure that only undanganlah can enjoy your wedding party titles.

Those are some important points to consider if you want to hold your wedding at home. Hopefully useful yes!

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