How to Banish Stress Wedding Day Ahead

Cara Usir Stres Menjelang Hari Pernikahan

Sense of stress and fear often come to the woman before the wedding day. So that a sense of unsustainable stress and interfere with the wedding plans, nerves stretch your muscles with a variety of activities that can cool the body and mind.

  • Spa
    Not only beautify the body, perform before the wedding spa will also stretch the muscles are tense and displays the best aura in the wedding day. Many popular choice of massage techniques ranging from reflexology, acupressure, deep tissue, shiatsu, thai massage, swedish massage, to hot stone massage. Massage makes the blood circulation in the body becomes more smoothly, and sleep more soundly so you will look fresh the next day. Select spa packages offer complete treatment bride like Bale Bale Spa.
  • Menicure Pedicure
    Do not let the choice of beautiful shoes on your wedding day, paired with a dull nail shape. In addition, the fingers where you pin a wedding ring should also be maintained perfectly. Manicure pedicure should not be missed by the bride and groom, starting this treatment for ten weeks before the wedding day. Not only decorate your nails with nail polish is gorgeous, hand you will be given a gentle massage with lotion and special vitamins. Moreover nail your hand will also be cleaned and given treatment so it looks healthy and shiny. Dead skin cells will be removed and cleaned so that no more rough cuticles. To decorate the nails in accordance with the dress you wear, choose a manicure pedicure accustomed to handling weddings like Nail Avenue.

  • Yoga
    Make sure your body in shape, sign up at a yoga class at least 2 months before the wedding. The balance of any area of ??the body will diilatih, not only physically but mentally, so it will create harmony of body, mind and spiritual harmony. You will do basic yoga movements, breathing exercise, posture, relaxation and meditation body. Hence yoga is a sport that offers the perfect package for the bride and groom. Try Poise Pilates and Yoga studios often offer promotional packages.

Welcome prepare your special day.

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