How to Choose Hair Styles For Wedding

Cara Memilih Gaya Rambut Untuk Pesta Pernikahan

Customize the style of hair on the wedding day with various elements in your party. Compliance with the wedding dress of course, so the main thing to consider, if you will wear a dress or traditional kebaya dress. Consult with your choice of wedding makeup artist during a test makeup. For the use of dress, there are a variety of modern references to choose from start style classic updo, to disentangle which hairstyle will make you look younger and graceful. Note the pieces of the dress to become a harmonious complement to the haircut.

If your dress is shaped collar sabrina exhibiting the shoulder, then parsed hairstyle will give the impression of a strong feminine. If you want to draw attention to the neck with newfangled dress open back or backless, you can menggelungnya up with a little piece of hair allowed to fall in order to create a dramatic appearance that leaves the impression of sexy.

While those who wore traditional dress, usually hairstyles really have to have its own grip, but that does not mean you can not make adjustments, especially if the chosen theme is modern-traditional. Usually there are many choices of accessories dominant hairdo. Make sure the shape by the shape of the selected hair.

If using the traditional fashion, makeup is applied often have a more daring and resolute facial features. You can adjust the hair style by applying a little significant change. For example bun that is not too high and expands so ‘swallow’ face shape. Likewise hair accessories such as jasmine pinned, select strung together and seklasik as simple as possible.

Only use bangs if the clothes you wear is a dress. Giving bangs on the hairstyle gives the impression not too formal so it feels good to hold your party outdoors as a garden party or on the beach. But avoid using bangs for the use of traditional dress.

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