How to Stay Healthy By Marriage

Cara Tetap Sehat Menjelang Pernikahan

The rainy season approached, meaning that the immune system to be more susceptible to weather changes. Submit final preparations with the help of wedding organizerprofesional and it’s time to focus on the health of the body. For brides who are planning weddings in these months, the last thing that is undesirable is falling ill in times when the most important. Take care to stay healthy before the wedding.

  • Enough sleep
    A sense of stress and restlessness in the weeks before the wedding can result in sleep patterns become disturbed. Familiarize yourself to go into the bedroom and bed early, for a variety of health research has shown that adequate sleep will enhance the body’s immune system. In addition, you will also look more refreshed after resting for 8 hours.
  • Healthy Food Consumption
    Doing that high intake of dietary protein fiber consumption of fruits and vegetables will not only make the body look slimmer, but protect from illness. Consumption of a variety of foods that prevent flu like oranges or apples are rich in vitamin C.
  • Washing hands
    Bacteria grow very quickly, and can be obtained from anywhere sepertikenop door, keyboards, banisters, even your mobile phone screen. Wash their hands five times a day with soap and water shown to reduce the likelihood of illness by 45 percent. Make sure you wash for 20 seconds, and avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Healthy drink
    In a break, or while performing these activities, consumption of drinks that are good for health such as green tea or ginger tea. Do not forget to add a morning ritual drink of lemon and honey can be an antioxidant and antibacterial body.
  • Try Supplements
    Even if you are running a healthy diet full of nutrients, there’s nothing wrong with pushing endurance supplements that can be obtained from a pharmacy in the busiest times you. Vitamin extracted will provide a direct injection of doses sufficient for your health, distanced from the possibility of pain.

Maintaining health before the wedding day is very important to keep your body fit. Of course you do not want to be sick when your special day is it?

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