Keeping the Wife Husband Relationship

Happy couple

Happy couple

For those of you who are married , must often have quarrels that make your relationship and your partner become less harmonious . Here are some suggestions that you become more harmonious relationship with your partner :

1 . Do not give time for the rest of the couples .
One of the keys in order to maintain a harmonious relationship is to allow enough time for the couple . Do not give him the rest of the time , provide a special time to gather with family and establish open communication with your partner. Take the time to speak from heart to heart and listen to what you want delivered by our partner .

2 . When it comes to important things , do it in my spare time .
Be careful when talking things that are important when couples are tired or busy. In these conditions tend not to calm the mind so easily carried away emotion. Then talk as much as possible when the free time and our partner in calm conditions .

3 . Being a good listener .
Consider what is said with great interest and feelings so that we know what the conversation our partner. Sometimes stored in will. Then respond with hopes or be good expression .

4 . Be tolerant and forgiving .
Accept our partner is and give an opportunity to become more better. Presence we are by his side to help him develop better not just at a time when couples lack. Then judge made ??a mistake forgive and give guidance with the attitude that we partner the best. Make as a lover and true friend . Including tolerant attitude is not to impose our taste partner. However as a form of love and compassion , we can remind him to take the best .

5 . Do not open the weakness partner in front of others .
If we do this will make it inadequate and made ??into a less harmonious relationship .

6 . Complete lack of partner .
When the pair help fix the shortcomings encountered with courtesy and be prepared to complete its shortcomings with the advantages we have .

7 . Do not compare with others couples .
Do not think that a couple of other people better and think if we would have married him happy. Justified opinion of the patient so it is not accompanied by a couple facing a shortage of effort condition. Switch fix our minds with beautiful memories about her. Appreciate what he gave to us. Multiply gratitude for the gift of family that God has given us the pleasure of God in order to give the more meaningful .

8 . Seeing the advantages partner not just weaknesses .
To foster a sense of optimism that we do not see the advantages couple always bring up deficiencies couples .

Similarly, some of the suggestions that you become more harmonious relationship with your spouse, may be useful to you.

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