Making a Wonderful Wedding Ceremony with Sparklers

Wedding ceremony is one of the most precious moments and it may happen once in our lifetime so it’s very necessary for us to make sure that we prepare the whole things to make a memorable wedding ceremony. We have to prepare for the catering, wedding dress, decorations, wedding invitation cards, transportation, photography and many more. Of course before we prepare them all the first thing we should do is to set up the wedding planning and we can simply start by choosing the theme for our wedding ceremony. Once we can set the wedding theme then we can select the whole wedding decoration, invitation cards, wedding dress and others according to the wedding theme.

Traditionally the guests would spray the wedding couples with birdseed or rice at the end of session of the wedding ceremony. Today there are many wedded couples still have this wedding tradition and in fact they can also mix it with the modern wedding theme. The only problem is that it can’t be done at the evening because we won’t see the rice or birdseed clearly spread to the wedded couples. Instead it would be a good idea if we use the Sparklers. Indeed mainly the sparklers are used by kids at the birthday party but actually we can use them at the wedding ceremony as well. It would be fun for the guests to light up the sparkles to celebrate the wedding ceremony. Besides, we can make a great wedding picture with the wedded couple at the center of the photograph and Wedding Sparkles as the background.

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