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Queen Victoria - Prince Albert

Queen Victoria – Prince Albert

Couples who plan to marry will usually be given a choice of modern or traditional style wedding. If the traditional wedding dress has a variety of bright colors, not so with modern style. Modern wedding dress – actually comes from the west – always refers to white.

Why is it always white, why not pink as much symbolize romance? Prior to the 1800’s in some areas of Europe actually does not recognize the marriage of white color. For example, when Mary Queen of Scots married, she wore a white dress and a decision is considered bad by many people. Why? Because white is seen as a color for mourning clothes.

However, several years later, a white wedding dress chosen again by Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe time-Colburg. Good publicity by wedding photographer to capture the event and supported it “propaganda” about the choice of Victoria finally made white dress accepted by society.

In the book Godey’s Ladys in 1849, writing about the decision of Victoria: “The dress has been chosen from the legacy of the previous century, the white color was the most suitable. This is a symbol of purity and innocence of women, as well as the sign of a pure heart until finally handed over to the man who was elected . ”

Moreover, the growing notion that a white gown symbolizes prosperity. In the early 20th century, only women from the economically capable of being able to wear a white dress on the wedding day. In the countryside and for the weak economy is still prevalent wedding dress with colors other than white.

The industrial revolution help the propaganda use of the white wedding dress. So much popular to claim the Ladies Home Journal: “The ancient wedding dress is white.” Of course, this statement is false. After all, when it all seemed to agree that the white color was decided as a marriage. Especially in view of fashion producers. Coco Chanel may have the power of changing trends in fashion at the time. The launch of a short wedding dress in 1920 (which of course is white) so the reference in the bridal fashion world.

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