More than 87% Women Attracted Selling wedding dresses

wedding dress

wedding dress

Kebaya or wedding dress is one thing that is prepared with a maximum when will release the single. Clothing is important because it determines the appearance of the bride on the day-H. So important to the extent that there are willing to spend money or deplete savings or kebaya dress for the sake of getting the best.

After the wedding is over, because it’s so valuable, kebaya or wedding dress will be stored and cared for properly. But it was not a few also women who want to sell their dresses. A recent survey conducted preowneweddingdresses site revealed on this.

In a survey that followed 2,766 respondents aged 18-55 years was known, more than 87% of women are interested in selling their wedding dresses. Of respondents were interested in this, only 40% were actually willing to sell. While 49% said maybe. And there are 12.6% of respondents who did not want to sell her dress.

Respondents who would like to sell this wedding dress has a different reason. One in three respondents argued they wanted another bride of sites that helped her sell her wedding dress that can wear it. 26% of respondents said that because it takes money. While 19% of respondents said there was no reason why the dress store. And there are 11% of respondents who felt the wedding dress take too much space to be stored.

What about women who do not want to sell her wedding dress, what are their reasons? Appropriate survey most dominant reason is known to keep it as a memory. There are 47% of respondents who had a sentimental feeling with her wedding dress. While 22% of respondents said they did not want to sell because they want to be used again by his daughter when she got married.

Survey of sites that help women choose a wedding dress that not only reveals about the reasons women are willing or refusing to sell her dress. The research note also of the 30% of women will try 6-10 gown before buying one that fits. And 18% of respondents claimed to eventually buy the first dress they try. What about you?

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