Planning for a Summer Wedding Event

Summer wedding theme can be the perfect theme if we want to make our wedding feels so bright and cheerful. Summer wedding can be very beautiful and fun because we can play with bright colors and flower. There are so many ideas for wedding summer that we can choose.

The first and the most popular summer wedding theme people choose is beach or tropical wedding. It suits us who want to make our celebration very personal and informal. Some beach venues are available and rent-able for such event. You browse online for the best deals available and make reservation earlier. Make sure they have special holiday party food included into the rental package.

Second is fairytale or garden wedding. Since it is summer, then we will be able to have an outdoor wedding celebration. We can take advantages from the trees and flowers to create a flowery and fresh wedding celebration. If we want to make the wedding a fairy tale wedding, then we just need to choose a princess-like gown and maybe use a white cart to replace limo. Third, we can take a tea party wedding. We don’t have to live in Britain to have our tea party wedding. This wedding theme is very classic, classy yet beautiful.

Fourth, floral themed wedding. Everyone loves beautiful flower and we can use it as the theme. Use floral decorations you like, such as sunflower, rose, daisy, lily and many others. Fifth, summer is all about color and we can choose specific color like yellow and white, pink and green, gold and purple, shades of white and many others. There are still so many summer wedding theme options we can choose. And make sure you don’t forget to check Chocolate Truffle recipe for wedding favors at for your next summer wedding.

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