Planning for Golden Gate Park Wedding

If we are thinking about making a wedding celebration or simply a romantic escape, then Golden Gate Park wedding is the perfect choice. There are so many romantic places we can find in our country, but San Francisco is serving so many romantic gateways due to the land contour, green environment, beautiful gardens, peaceful atmosphere and friendly people. Here are some of the romantic places we can visit for our Golden Gate Park wedding. The first place is definitely Chains of Lake. This is the most romantic place ever in San Francisco. It wraps the romanticism with the value of tradition and history of south. It is only located in a pleasant place with beautiful ambience at its finest. There, we can do many things and plan for the best wedding in the future. We can also find so many romantic spots around the lake which will be perfect spots for wedding photography.

The second place we’d recommend Fuschia Garden. It allows us to enjoy the view of San Francisco and its beautiful surrounding landscape. Third, if we love beach, then we can go to Lloyd’s Lake. It is located inside the Golden Gate Park. We can have a total rejuvenation on the garden and one thing we should never forget to do is climbing up the landscape to get overview of the beauty surrounding. Fourth is Rose Garden. Just as the name is, the garden has plenty of great spots with roses and beautiful gardens are all around the landscape.

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