Planning your Wedding in Leicester

Leicester is famous for its proud history, recently with the acquisition of Richard the Thirds bones, but don’t be fooled by this being the only great thing about Leicester, it’s historic venues around Leicestershire make a great venue for weddings and therefore some planning is involved.

Picking the Venues

There are a good few venues you can pick in Leicestershire, you might just want an entertaining reception night at one of the big venues such as the Sketchly grange or the place where everyone has their reception at in the  centre. Remember that you can get married anywhere so look at some of the local castles, the surrounding areas of Leicester are also great for this kind of thing.

Be entertained by a proper Wedding Band

So many people play weddings and from all the function bands out there, it can be hard to choose which one might be best for your wedding, one solution is to get someone who will out and out entertain your guests at your reception, The Souljers are one great wedding band in Leicester that do just this, making a big fuss over your reception with all out flamboyance and flair. You want to put on a show for your guests, so make sure you get something they can all sing and dance along to!

Get a date booked first and foremost

Wherever you decide your wedding will take place, the one thing to remember is that it needs to be booked in advanced. Sometimes people can get disheartened when they have their mind set on a venue only to be stabbed through the heart when it turns out it’s fully booked for the next two years.

If your in no rush and want to plan your wedding then it’s best to wait and get everything perfect, if this is not the case you are better off organizing a quick trip aboard or going up to gretna green for your wedding!


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