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The engagement is a sign to indicate the seriousness of love. In this case, many couples are stuck with excitement without preparing and thinking carefully about the engagement.

As a result many couples are stressful think of everything as a question or a curiosity of people about their engagement. Listen eight tips you can do to reduce anxiety and deal calmly with your partner after the engagement, as quoted from the All Women Stalk.

1. Make Big Announcement
Perhaps confused how to tell everyone you care about that you were engaged. Try creative so they always remember even making them happy, and happy to share your engagement. Make announcements or status in social media can help make all the relatives to know old friends. Engagements only once in your life, then you should be able to share happiness together.

2. Beautify your fingers
Your fingers will be subject to a lot of photos at the engagement. There must be no nails are chipped or dry hands, as many people who want to see the engagement ring on your finger is attached. Go to the salon to beautify fingers and nails. Make sure your nails well be beautiful and tapering in all the eyes that want to see your engagement ring.

3. Question Wedding Date
After all the people who recognize you know your engagement with your partner, then most likely they ask something going toward marriage, such as “When is the wedding?” Try answering the calm and relaxed, say with a general answer that you still have a responsibility to be completed before 2014, or say if you’re saving to prepare for the wedding day. That way, the people who ask about it will respect you.

4. Tell your engagements with Perfect
The initial question you will hear is how to meet with your partner, to the direction of engagement. Do not let your stress to answer that question. You can use a blog or a newsletter to share a happy moment. In this way, family and even your relatives will not be asked again and again.

5. Insure Your Ring
Engagement rings with your partner would have become a very precious and nothing can replace it. However, if there is something unexpected happens on your engagement ring, such as lost or damaged, you may be stressed. Insured ring to reduce the sense of disappointment if it happens.

6. Diet
If you are planning to lose weight before the wedding day, you have to start well before the wedding takes place. Verify that you stay awake for this, because of the possibility of unwanted can happen. Fall ill, for example, as much thought to the process of dieting or weight loss. Ask your partner to work together and provide encouragement. That way you become motivated to diet and exercise regularly.

7. Set Budget & Start Saving
Do not be too focused to think about the wedding day. However, think about your future with your partner. Do not use your money for the benefit of only one thing. Use the money with what you can afford and keep the rest to start living with a partner. Start saving and set the budget of your wedding needs.

8. Inspiration
Find out all about the inspiration for the wedding of your wedding. Many of the ideas are not limited to perfect special day. The more you find the inspiration, the more options and the knowledge you will gain, such as color and theme of the wedding to hire a wedding planner. Marriage will be perfect when you have a lot of finding inspiration for your happiness today.

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