Psychic violence causing disharmony Marriage



Psychological violence is a bad act in a relationship , especially in the household . You can only vent their anger to the couple , but think again , if he really deserved it . Your anger can disappear in a moment , but the words were hurtful , rude or action can imprint forever in the hearts of the couple.

Act of violence against a partner is a very dangerous thing , it can trigger resentment to you . You can lose respect from your partner , as well as with a sense of love and concern for you .

Not just a couple , domestic violence will also worsen your relationship with the other family . Marriage is a sacred bond that unites the two families . If nothing bad happens , then it can also damage the relationship between the two families .

Here are some forms of psychological violence that can lead to a rift between your household with a spouse and how to overcome them , as quoted from Boldsky .

1 . Home Office to bring the Issues
This is a common thing . And because of this many households somebody cracks . You have to be professional both at work and at home . Instead, do not ever take the matter to the office to your home because it can trigger a fight with your partner. Let what happened in the office , still live there . Go home with a calm mind .

2 . couple underestimate
Your spouse is a part of your life . Respect mate in any situation , both at the time alone , in front of friends , or in front of the family . Do not underestimate the spouse in any situation , because as a partner should always support him and be there for him . Due to underestimate the time , you can lose respect and love during the time he had.

3 . misconception
Frequent misunderstandings triggers domestic violence . Although the couple did not feel tired at the way in understanding your mind , you should explain in more detail again and told him the good part is he misunderstood . Note the fine as well as the he spoke , make good communication with him , respect his opinion and do not ever assume . Sometimes it can be your decision can not he accept , this does not mean he is against you , it’s just that you are experiencing a difference of opinion . Resolve the dispute peacefully , violence will not solve the problem and may even make things worse .

4 . ignoring couple
Neglected by couples often the reason a relationship breakdown . When you can not meet the basic needs him , he will feel neglected and lonely . When he started avoiding you , you feel angry and victimized over passiveness . It is just going to be a problem that there is no end , so you should cherish your love ones and show that you love her too .

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