Realizing the dream wedding in the Outer City

Mewujudkan Pernikahan Impian di Luar Kota

When hosting a wedding party outside the city, there are ethics that must meet and perhaps sometimes forgotten because of the unusual. Find out that your wedding goes smoothly.

  • Transportation costs
    There are two types of transport costs should be remembered from planning a wedding out of town. First, it is not your obligation to pay for the transportation of guests you invite, but if you are already budgeted to help transport the friends, do not hesitate to do it and deliver the good intentions. Second, the cost of needed if your wedding is not only done in one venue. For example, the religious ceremony and reception are in a remote place so you have to provide transportation to accommodate the guests.
  • Lodging cost
    When you hold a wedding at a hotel or resort, you’ll usually get an extra room as a complement of the wedding package. Immediately allocate these rooms for family or your friends. If rooms provided are not sufficient, budgeted costs to add to a shortage of rooms.
  • Thank-you note
    Unlike the usual party when guests are given a wedding gift at the beginning or end of the event, thanks in the form of a more special goodie bags should be given to guests who already spend more time to travel far for the sake of your wedding party. After reaching the destination, give thanks that do not need luxury but means. For example if you have a party on the beach, a bottle of juice or a small bottle of sunscreen is a useful gift.

  • Clearly Information
    Take advantage of wedding invitations to contain a variety of information regarding a description of your wedding day. Including the schedule of events, the location of the wedding venue, until any kind of detail which contains information on accommodation and transportation.
  • Not forcing
    For a party held outside the city, guests you invite should prepare time and cost more. Therefore, it would be better if you do not force and understand the conditions. When you invite guests who do not have the opportunity to attend the wedding due to some reason, you better be open and do not overload the guests for attending the party obliged to you.

Congratulations prepare your wedding party.

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