Save the fractured marriage because a wife salary greater



Wife’s income is greater than your husband can be a problem when one party has an ego that would not be compromised . When the wife’s higher salary was eventually cause an argument , the household can be saved ?

Marriage counselor ” Indra Noveldy ” have two suggestions for couples who have problems because of the differences in financial condition . First he would provide advice to the wife . He asked the women to learn to appreciate their partner . Why learn to appreciate ?

A woman who has been financially successful tend to be insecure and her husband can feel superior . ” When the wife feels why should listen to her husband because they were looking for money and the husband’s income could only enough for everyday expenses , this could be a problem . Attitudes like this can make a pair like in hell , ” .

Recognized Indra , learn to appreciate this man is not easy . Moreover, if the husband can not be mature . ” When husband and wife are less mature tough , high ego because his wife got a job and earning a position in the larger, troubled marriage for sure, ” he said .

This is where Indra will also advise on the husband to be mature and increase confidence . That had happened to her husband who paid higher incomes are they so feel insecure and inferior . How do I add to this confidence , whether to increase revenue ?

“Could be yes , could not . Important thing if your husband are doing their best to support his family . If it’s doing the best he will be confident , ” .

Psychologists Ayoe Sutomo , M.Psi . add , another way to address the problem because this income gap is to communicate . While doing this communication , both parties must be in a state of calm and nobody is feeling more superior .

When communicating , the wife should give you an understanding that it does is to contribute to the household . Point out that it is not a rehearsal for what not to respect or feel more powerful than her husband .

” Given the understanding . , But not only understanding , but how to discuss them . Supported also by the attitude of a wife who has been consistent in whatever he says , ” .

Hopefully the information above is useful for you all , there is no problem that can not be resolved , be patient and wise in the face of life’s trials .

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