Shaving or revoke Underarm Hair

Shaving or revoke Underarm Hair

Cut underarm hair is one way to maintain cleanliness of the skin in the armpit area. This method is done by many women because it is practical and workable yourself easily.

However, shaving has risks, such as by a razor irritation and infection. So that the necessary caution and pay attention to hygiene to the shaving equipment. Besides shaving (shaving), another way to keep their underarm area is to unplug (plucking) armpit hair. So, which one is most recommended?

Shaving is certainly big enough risk for using sharp objects and is repeated every few days. The skin can become irritated and even blisters. However, plucking are also at risk for forcibly deprive hair follicles can cause injury. Related to the frequency of shaving or plucking of course, depend on each individual, there is every two to three days, there is a once a week, there were two weeks. There is no suggestion how many times should in dermatological science.

Should be done shaving and plucking at the skin soft. So, the first wet underarm skin with warm water, and do at night. It aims to give skin to rest after shaving or plucking. Do not forget, to provide cooling to the skin after shaving or plucking, and use a moisturizer to minimize irritation.I hope this article is helpful for you

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