Some thing that makes unhappy husband

unhappy husband

unhappy husband

Is your husband rarely spends time with you and the kids ? Do you often refuse her sex ? If the answer to all questions is ‘ yes ‘ , be aware of the husband is unhappy with her ??married life .

If you want to know whether or not her husband was happy with his marriage , just look at his behavior . In addition , you can also find out by reading the attitude of self . Here are four causes of men are unhappy with her ??marriage and how to overcome them .

1 . You Refuse Sex More Often Than Doing It
You may have a reason to refuse sexual intercourse . But if it is too often , it can make you feel her husband is not attractive anymore so that makes unhappy with the marriage .

How do I fix this ?
When you refuse to engage in sexual acts , saying that you can not do it now but the next time . That way you do not ‘ too ‘ refused his invitation . In addition , occasionally try to take her first love . This will give a boost ego and make him feel better .

2 . Controlling your spending
Men can become like children when they are dealing with the hobby . If you limit it pleases, of course makes it so upset and angry . In the long term , this can cause the husband hates marriage

How do I fix this ?
Do not directly say ‘ no ‘ , try to always discuss what he wants with you . Make a deal or a new commitment about his hobby and trying not to break them.

3 . Feeling Useless When at Home
While at home , almost all decisions made ??by the wife . Ranging from household chores , spending even a child . Quite often felt that her husband as a ‘ giver of money ‘ alone . This is one factor that makes it feel unhappy .

How do I fix this ?
Spend time with her , explain to her that as a wife you need input . If true he felt snubbed when he was at home , he began to engage with all your decisions about married life .

4 . Not Getting Attention from His Wife
When the kids were born , my wife often feel that they are much more in need of your attention than her husband . But in reality , it’s not necessarily true .

How do I fix this ?
Encourage children to play with you and your husband . Also, try to give more attention such as hugging , kissing , embracing or just holding hands . You do not have to stop being a ‘ wife ‘ despite its status as ‘ mother ‘ .

Be a wife who knows how to put yourself anywhere and anytime.

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