Some things that can make a wedding Happy

happy couple

happy couple

Each couple must have longed for a lasting marriage . Various research was conducted to find out what are the things that can make a marriage intact .

There are at least eight things are evident from the research could make a happy couple having a wedding . Surely you and your husband do not have to force yourself to follow these eight things to get an ideal home , because every relationship is different .

1 . No Texting
In 2013 , researchers at Brigham Young University revealed couples who apologized , discuss a problem or make a decision in a text message that is less risky to have a happy relationship . Instead couples who do all these things by talking directly to each other either face to face or via telephone happier .

2 . fight
Arguing is the spice of marriage , so much advice heard long ago . This advice turned out to be true , at least that’s the result of research from Florida State University in 2012 . The research could make the wedding a quarrel known more durable . But the quarrel should be healthy . Research revealed when the couple revealed they problem honestly guts and resolve the disagreement quickly , they tend to be happier .

3 . Birth sequence
Birth order determine the permanence of marriage, at least that’s according to two authors who released the book William Cane ‘ The Birth Order Book of Love ‘ and Catherine Salmon , PhD , with his work ‘ The Myth of the Middle Child’ . In their book was revealed , most couples have a happy marriage is when the youngest and the eldest became husband and wife .

4 . not Bored
In a study published in the journal Psychological Science in 2009 revealed , boredom and dissatisfaction gave birth spacing on marriage . In a survey published in the pair was asked to name one of the seven things that allow them to part . And one of the seven it was boredom .

5 . sharing Tasks
From the study by the University of California between 2001 and 2004 revealed , the couple was happy with her ??married life when they share household chores . The same is revealed from a survey by the Pew Research Poll in 2007 . 62 % of adults said sharing household tasks is essential for the continuity of marriage .

6 . Beautiful wife
Recent research reveals one of the keys have a satisfying marriage when the wife is attractive . Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, was conducted by psychologist Andrea Meltzer . Research question is : whether the husband or wife beautiful or handsome affects satisfaction in marriage ? After investigation, the answer to that question is , in men , the appearance of a beautiful face wife or satisfaction determines their role in the wedding . This theory applies only in men , not for women . Although the above theory does not apply on the contrary , the attractive wife also claimed to be happy with her ??marriage . But the reason they are happy is different . The wives were satisfied with their marriage because the husband is also happy to have .

7 . partner
Researchers at Vrije University , Amsterdam , Carly Rusbult in these modern times , people are looking for a partner not only for the biological needs and get offspring . People today are looking for a partner who can be a partner . The partner should be able to make their lives more interesting . ” They help each other and support to achieve the goal of value , ” said Carly .

8 . finance
According to Scott Rick of the University of Michigan ‘s Ross School of Business , if you do not want a lot of conflict in marriage , marry someone who has the same style of spending . In that study found , a person tends to choose a partner with a different style of managing money . In this kind of spouse , conflicts are more common than in couples who have a style of shopping or spending habits the same . The money set stylistic differences lead to conflicts that make less and less satisfaction with the marriage .

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