Some Things that cause Divorce



Infidelity is often referred to as the main culprit causing couples divorce. But apparently studies have found different things. So cheating is not the main cause for divorce spouses. So what?

In a study conducted “Co-operative Legal Service”, today’s couples divorced because of differences in behavior or action principle and unwarranted. Reasons that make couples choose separation was increased 40 years later.

The law firm said the results above, after they compared the causes of divorce in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000 and the present times. At least the researchers looked at more than 5 million cases of divorce in the UK.

As quoted by “The Guardian”, from the research found in the 70’s, 29% of couples end a marriage because of infidelity. While the couple is now only 15% are divorced because of the same problem.

Research found, too, in the 70s, only 28% of couples divorce because of differences in principle and action unwarranted. And in the present age, the number of couples who divorce because of the same problem increased to 47%.

Examples of the different principles and unwarranted behavior that is expressed couples on their lawyers are quite varied. Among them, the less sociable husband makes his wife feel guilty when his wife wanted to go with the girls, there is also the wife of the husband who took all the money, then burn it.

Research conducted at the London law firm was also revealed, most couples divorce because of infidelity in the 80s. At that time, nearly one in three couples split because of infidelity. In the same decade also found, nearly one in five divorces are caused by infidelity husband.

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