Some Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Memorable

You are dreaming of going on a honeymoon together, to a dream destination. You want to spend time together without interruption, in a romantic and memorable atmosphere.

In addition, the honeymoon is also an opportunity to restore the freshness of the body and mind because it feels tired after holding a wedding reception. So, after the honeymoon, in addition to your body feel fresh and you are increasingly ready to live a domestic life together with your official partner.

Well, for the honeymoon atmosphere is not quickly broken by certain situations, you should pay attention to the following to make your honeymoon into a moment full of memories. Here is an explanation:

1.Bring your marriage book

Do not forget to bring a marriage book, to show that you are an official and legitimate couple. The goal is that you can explain to the party who questioned whether or not your official relationship, such as to the hotel or resort.

2.Do not honeymoon during the holiday season

Avoid the honeymoon during peak holiday season, because in that season, all the prices will become very expensive like the price of accommodation, the price of travel tickets to the price to enter the sights or just shopping. We recommend honeymooners during the holiday season is over.

3.Book tickets ahead of time

Book a ticket long before, so you can still get various promo tickets offered. In addition to frugality, you do not need to rush in preparing the honeymoon plan.

4.Choose a room that has a private area

Make sure the room you are booking with your partner is free from interference from people who are not interested in you. By having special privacy, you will be more intimate in spending time alone with a partner in the room.

5.Choose a destination that is not too crowded

Look for a honeymoon destination that is not too noisy and crowded. The quieter and quieter the place is, the more you can enjoy the moment of togetherness in a resort, villa or hotel.

6.Visit the memories of the two of us

There may be some couples who have a place of memories in honeymoon destinations like in Bali. There’s nothing wrong you visit the place as a trailer journey of love story you both.

7.Prepare a romantic surprise for couples

Little surprise can make your partner more captivated to you, such as preparing chocolate when you honeymoon with him in selected destinations.

8.Avoid excessive luggage

Luggage that is too much will only make your journey more tiring. In addition you will be complicated carrying a lot of luggage, not to mention when finished honeymoon, usually luggage can be more because they have to buy some souvenirs for relatives.

9.Plan your agenda ahead of time before leaving

It’s a good idea to plan the honeymoon long before. Make a complete itinerary trip, so you can get to know what activities you can do day by day in the dream honeymoon destination.

10.Make special and special dinner events

Candle light dinner with the couple is always the next most anticipated moment when honeymoon together. Order special food and celebrate your time together without interruption accompanied by romantic music accompaniment.

11.Limit communication with others

Keep yourself and your partner away from communication, gadgets and social media. You should take advantage of this time together together with a partner, and again without the interference of others who can make you lose the mood.

12.Document in photos and videos

As a memorable moment there is no harm in documenting your memories in the form of photos and videos. Hope that one day you can re-open the memory by watching a video or open your photo album togetherness.

13.Take advantage of time together to get closer

One of the reasons why couples need a honeymoon is the opportunity to get a special quality time together. You will have the opportunity to explore each other more intensely and deeply like talking about heredity, finances, hopes and plans ahead with the family.

Hopefully this information is useful for you newlyweds who are planning a Honeymoon full of memories and beautiful impression.

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