Songket Wedding Dress Sheen Minang Indonesia

Minang songket

Minang songket

The creativity of the designers apparently synonymous with good luck. Not just luck financially achieved designers and craftsmen, but also luck for the growth of a culture. In socio-economic, songket industry is one of the backbone of the economy of the people is quite important. Small industry is to survive as a small people of economic activity.

Suwardy Riny fashion designer, who has 15 years of struggling with Minang songket, the industry can expect more menasional and worldwide. Minang songket kebaya fashion show titled “Sheen Songket Padang” that displays on Bidakara Wedding Expo-5 in Jakarta, some time ago, for example, prove that expectation. Suwardy Riny fashion designer in Jakarta, at the Wedding Expo Bidakara 5, kebaya bridal fashion show called Sheen Songket Minang. Kebaya brides shown attract visitors because unlike most draft.

Riny’ve got an offer to host a fashion show of Minang songket material in the United States.
Riny Suwardy create a smart and collaboration for a piece of songket Minang a blend of soul-with kebaya blouse. He is interested in lifting awe Minang songket motifs unique and meaningful philosophical.

Moreover, the quality, according to research from the world’s experts songket Switzerland, Bernhard Bart, a songket finest and unique in the world.
“After comparing with some other local songket, smoother turns Minang songket, motive diverse and has a philosophical meaning. Got a meaning implicit and explicit meaning, even the hidden meaning. Inside are the symbols of Minangkabau traditional teachings, “said Riny Suwardy.

Bunge Antimun in Songket Motif Minang
He pointed motif antimun Bunge. Symbols drawn from cucumber plants (Cucumis sativus) is not only of benefit or of the physical form, but from the way the growth of the spread or propagate. When spread, the plant is always instill the roots of each ruasnya and attach it to the tree root buttresses.

Words customary revealed: Bak mantimun marantang strap (Like a rope stretched cucumbers). Explicit meaning, which moves cucumber vine with calculation. Gradually he planted roots on which it grows, vertebra by vertebra to continue to grow.

Implied meaning of these properties, namely the calculation in implementing the plan and resolve the problem with the steps that systematic and entrenched. In the theoretical framework as well, the idea put forward should have a clear argument with strong arguments.

“The motive Bunge antimun describe expression of the soul and mind of someone who develop naturally and freely, but remain bound to the moral values ??prevailing in society. Free but responsible, “said Riny.

Main Edy humanist who met separately, beginning in July 2010 in Padang, said the Minang songket songket is the most refined in the world, and has unique motifs and intelligent. Within each motif contains moral values ??traditional Minangkabau. Symbolic meanings.

Songket Weaving Tradition Grows With Integral Minangkabau Culture

Chairman of the National Crafts Council Hj Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, who is also producing Minang songket with the label “House Songket”, saying, songket weaving tradition in Minangkabau society grow and develop along with the Minangkabau culture itself.

“That’s why the function and songket in Minangkabau society become an integral part of cultural life. Songket is an expression of Minangkabau culture as well as a social force for the local economy, “he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Crafts Council of West Sumatera Mrs. Hj Vita Gamawan Fauzi said, there are a number of centers in West Sumatra woven songket. There are centers that are still evolving today and some are no longer producing.

Vita designate the area that was once the center of woven songket, such as Koto Gadang Nagari, Nagari Kubang, Sungayang Nagari, Nagari Pitalah, and among the still growing among other Sikek Clever and Nagari Nagari Silungkang.

“However, in recent decades, some villages in West Sumatra is also growing a new center for the weaving industry, such as in the city of Padang, Payakumbuh, Solok, and some other areas,” said Mrs. Hj Vita Gamawan Fauzi
Revitalization Songket Songket Minangkabau Which Is Best World
Researchers songket Swiss Bernhard Bart, said of his research for 10 years in a number of countries and cities songket producer in Indonesia, Minang songket is the finest and very rich with symbolic motifs and philosophical meaning.

“If we look at the products Minangkabau culture produced about 100 years ago, such as handicrafts songket, it shows the Minangkabau has a quality to be proud of. Minangkabau’ve reached a phase of development that is able to create a quality culture through the works of creation days, “he said.

Bernhard worked with Erika Rianti Songket Studio, Dublin, since last 4 years producing the finest songket motifs are generally no longer produced another crafter songket songket centers in West Sumatra.

“Songket long extinct and is now produced back in it there is the history of Minangkabau culture and society that is so appealing. Through his motives are so diverse, there is meaning and messages of traditional Minangkabau, sourced from nature takambang be a teacher. Motifs are illustrated with strong, neat, and shows the level of complexity that is hard done by weavers of today, “said Nanda.

In Padang, Nina Rianti Alda also reproduce songket songket-old Minangkabau collaboration with Bernhard. Comparing the old and the new songket, according to Nina, the difference lies in the orientation in the tradition of making songket itself.

According to Nina, songket old tend to be oriented to the realization of values ??and cultural expressions Minangkabau because in it there is a symbol of the Minangkabau culture. While the new songket, although awareness of the value and relationship with the symbol and identity of the Minangkabau culture is still there, the quality is no longer attainable like in the old Minangkabau songket.

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