Suggestions for New Bridal that are not often quarrel



New bride does not mean not having a problem . Precisely in the first year of your marriage and your husband will be more problematic. If too many problems at the beginning of the wedding , it will have a big impact on the harmony . That’s because new households are still not stable .

How do I avoid it ? Here are some suggestions for newlyweds that are not often experienced bicker :

1 . communication
Communication is the most basic thing in married life . However quarrel that you experience , not to cut the lines of communication with your partner. Reluctant to communicate will only make the dispute worse because none of you are expressing the intention and the actual content of the liver . Prejudice it sprung , so it makes things more murky .

2 . Avoid Blame Each Other
Constantly blaming couples who make him feel cornered . You also do not want to listen to his explanation . This makes the husband be feeling the pinch and can not find a healthy communication with you . Edges , actually cut off communication at all , and the problem you are experiencing is never done .

3 . learning to Compromise
Everything is certainly no solution , including problems in the household . Not easy to do together two heads into one word consensus. But if you and your husband willing to compromise , any problem can be resolved .

4 . Make a list of expenses
As you well know , the financial problems are often a source of contention in the household . To avoid this, make it a habit to make a list of expenditures in the household . Compromise it with her husband , so as not to be a dispute in the future .

5 . mutual respect
Mutual respect and appreciation are the main points that should be owned by each spouse . If you think it has been lost , indirectly you will see couples with ‘ one eye ‘ . The result will be a discomfort in the household . Circumstances that would lead to strife .

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