Sustainable Marriage Up to 70 Years



Not always produce a different opinion is split. Couples who had 70 years with this, divide their lasting marriage secret. Both compact say, they always have one thing debated every day. Until now there are 255,680 problem they have completed together.

Kate and Bill Shevels, “both aged 91 years”, is now happily preparing their platinum wedding anniversary. She also added, laughing after arguing is one thing that makes them stay happy life.

“You should be able to laugh at each other. We had 70 years together and make something good with the bad so much laughter,” said kate was quoted by the Daily Mail.

The pair first met when the second world war in the city of Liverpool, England. When the 20-year-old Kate is responsible for providing food RAF pilots, including Bill. “The two later married in 1943.”

“I was attracted to her because she can cook,” said Bill short. The happy couple will return to Liverpool each year, to the place where they met 70 years ago. The couple has been blessed with one son, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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