Sweet dishes Suitable For Wedding

hidangan manis untuk pernakahan

One element that is important when planning a wedding, is catering a party. In addition to the main menu, now present the latest trends which present a dessert menu with a more distinctive design. Sweet corner or dessert table can be a sweetener that your wedding seem more special.

In addition to being an attraction for guests, which is laid out with beautiful dessert, also will complement the look of the decor.

Here are some recommendations that can help make it happen:

  • Pastry Je’Lemons
    For those of you who want to bring a variety of cute snack appetizing, Pastry Lemons are ready to help. Call it, ranging from fried bananas honey, pastel mini oven, various puddings, and poffetjes, are all available. Je’Lemons Pastry provide a variety of packages to choose from.

  • Serein Cake & Co
    His name is also sweet corner, surely there will be many interesting sweet dish that offers a sweet taste. Likewise with Cake & Co.’s Serein, with a menu mainstay in the form of cupcakes. Serein Cake & Co is able to adjust the design of cupcakes with the theme you want.
  • Fleur Bites Cupcakery
    A variety of cupcakes, brownies, pies, and puddings ready to tempt Besides being producing wedding cake with a beautiful design, Fleur Bites Cupcakery also good with a sweet corner trim. Guests in attendance certainly will not miss the sweet corner with a tempting dish, complete with order that is consistent with your wedding party.
  • Rum butter Sweet Corner
    Macaron, eclairs, cupcakes, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and other sweet snacks, is a diverse menu mainstay of Rum butter Sweet Corner for your wedding banquets dessert table. Coupled with the charming decor, will add to the excitement in your happy day.

Accordingly information about Sweet dishes Suitable For Wedding, this information may be useful for you.

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