Destination Wedding Planner

September 9, 2015

Are you planning to have a wedding in upcoming season? Many brides become so stress during wedding preparation because there are so many things to be prepared. To avoid stress, usually bride will call a wedding planner. Wedding planner or wedding agency will help the bride and groom to prepare their wedding ceremony and wedding […]

Do not Forget Foot Care For the bride

July 23, 2015

For the bride and groom, sometimes the feet are considered not to be too payed forget to be treated. Do not forget the special beauty treatment feet. Have beautiful feet and manicured very important for the bride and groom who will be standing all day in the aisle. Love your feet like a face Such […]

Arguments Dampen Wedding Day Ahead

July 11, 2014

Bride and groom before the wedding day to mess around with preparation agenda and details of the wedding party, it makes sense of the bride and groom to be sensitive and easy-going argument with a partner. Your future husband and even forget to say hello to each other. The days ahead of the wedding was […]