Diamond Rings are Just Clicks Away From You

November 28, 2015

Finding and purchasing the right diamond ring for engagement or wedding can be really frustrating. There are wide range options of diamond rings available in the market, divided into several categories according to its shape, design, diamond clarity, and even cut. For those who never purchased any diamond jewelry before would find themselves easily confused […]

Tips Engagements Events

June 18, 2015

Engaged is one of the initial process before the wedding. Evidence someone had been engaged through a gorgeous circular ring on the ring finger both bride. Engagement ring is still much in demand by couples who want to get married. In addition, engagement rings became one measure of pride couples to show their relationship certainty. […]

The Diamond Engagement Ring meaning

May 14, 2015

Ring studded with diamonds is a symbol of the bond of love of all time. The ring is becoming a marker, moves on a relationship to a higher level. Ring with diamond ornamentation became known in the procession engagement since the 18th century in Europe. Over time more and more popular engagement rings with charm […]

Understanding Antique Engagement Rings

October 1, 2014

So many styles on engagement rings are available in the market and we can easily find one based on our taste. Antique engagement ring style is the everlasting style that does not follow the trend. No matter what the engagement rings trend is, antique engagement rings are always available with its beautiful appearance. Antique engagement […]

The Best Source to Find the Most Elegant Engagement Rings

September 26, 2013

There are simply so many things we must prepare when we decide to get engaged. An engagement is one brave step forward towards a marriage and surely it takes a good consideration and strong commitment to be engaged. Of course we must make sure that we can create the best and most memorable engagement ceremony […]

Choose Birthstone Gemstone Engagement Rings to Impress Her at Engagement Day

June 24, 2013

The engagement day is very important for women. It is because this special day will mark a new step that you and your lovely bride want-to-be will take in the next few months. On this special day, a man usually will do anything to impress his lovely love. Since, diamond is a girl’s best friend, […]