In the Dressing Gown Batik

December 12, 2012

The spread of batik designs that are original work is a pride of Indonesia, given the echo batik not only in their own country, but has expanded into the international world. So much has changed batik fashion design that can be used in various occasions. One new concept is the application of batik dresses. Ristya […]

Beautiful Muslim Wedding Gown

October 11, 2012

Similarly, choose a modern wedding dress, choose Muslim dress for the bride also has its own complexities. In fact, arguably more complex because there are several things that need to be attentive in order not to violate Islamic rules. As for the formation of Muslim dress for the bride, there are currently a few basic […]

Wedding Dress Solo – Central Java Indonesia

August 15, 2012

Bridal Beauty Solo Java is a form of cultural work meaningful and high philosophy. The tradition was inspired fashion clothing and nobles, kings palace and palace Mangkunegaran Surakarta, Central Java. There are two styles of bridal fashion Java Solo, Solo Princess wedding dress and bridal fashion basahan Solo. In Solo Princess wedding dress, for brides […]