Tips Wedding in Rainy Season

November 25, 2015

The rainy season has arrived. If you are planning a wedding anywhere near this, think about all the ways to make up with the rain during the wedding ceremony took place. Although not expected to come, the rain may be inevitable. Prepare a contingency plan so that the wedding party is still running smoothly. Documentation […]

Tips to Find Best Wedding Photography Services

August 30, 2015

Besides wedding photos, one of the most important things on our wedding documentation is the wedding video. Recording a wedding ceremony into a beautiful video is far more complicated than capturing wedding photos. And for that reason, we have to be more selective when choosing professionals to handle the wedding videography. There are so many […]

Tips on Finding the Best Affordable Wedding Photographer In Toronto

August 9, 2015

Wedding is one in a lifetime experience, so we need professional people to help us ensure everything will go as planned. Also, it is necessary to hire professionals in order to make our wedding memorable and captured well. It includes wedding photos. For you who live in Toronto, here are some tips on finding the […]

Learn about Wedding Tips and Tricks at

April 1, 2015

Everyone is always expecting for the best wedding. It’s not easy indeed to plan and organize everything for our wedding that many people simply hire the professional wedding planner and organizer to keep everything on track. However, if you want DIY wedding planning and organizing, then the opportunities are broad open for you to go […]

Hand Bouquet Wedding

March 6, 2015

Hand Bridal Bouquet is a must in a wedding ceremony. Every bride wants her wedding would be the fondest memories are unforgettable. The interest rate used is the best course and reflects the taste and personality of the bride and groom. Choosing a bridal bouquet Hand must be tailored to the theme of the wedding […]

Wedding Planning Tips for Beginners

October 11, 2013

When it comes to wedding, everyone wants excellence in everything. This is reasonable though as since that most people consider wedding as the second most important phase in their life after their birth day. And a perfect wedding is all about making great plans. Its surely there are so many things to prepare for the […]

Things You Might Need to Set a Memorable Wedding Reception

September 4, 2013

Wedding is the most important and the happiest moment in our lifetimes but we have to admit that preparing the wedding ceremony certainly is the toughest moment in our lifetimes. There are so many things we must prepare to make our wedding ceremony wonderful and memorable. The first and most important thing we must prepare […]

The Most Reliable Catering Company from Houston Texas

September 1, 2013

Catering is one of the most important elements to create a memorable wedding ceremony. We must realize that we would invite guests to attend our wedding ceremony so it’s very important for us to serve them with the tasty foods and beverages. Actually catering isn’t always about tasty foods and beverages but further than that […]

Making a Wonderful Wedding Ceremony with Sparklers

August 30, 2013

Wedding ceremony is one of the most precious moments and it may happen once in our lifetime so it’s very necessary for us to make sure that we prepare the whole things to make a memorable wedding ceremony. We have to prepare for the catering, wedding dress, decorations, wedding invitation cards, transportation, photography and many […]

The Best Source to Find Reliable Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne Australia

May 10, 2013

Every couple certainly expects to have the most wonderful and memorable wedding ceremony. However it’s not easy to set up a good wedding ceremony especially those who came from different ethnic and religion backgrounds. These people commonly have the problem related on how they should set the wedding ceremony. Each ethnic or religions commonly have […]